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What You Need to Know about Marketing to Hispanics
Understanding the characteristics and the tactics to reach the Latinx patient consumer
How to Make a Backtranslation Work for You
Understanding how to leverage the backtranslation process
Translation:  A Vital Part of Global Drug and Vaccine Development
Avoiding sanctions, unclear results and patient danger
How to Fix a Polluted Translation Memory
Leveraging the asset and maintaining its value
Managing Human Translators
Balancing Humans and Machines
Silo Mentality in Pharma
How this business phenomenon occurs and how to stop it with translation
Terminology Management: A Path to Efficient, Consistent Translations
How translators consider and leverage terminology
Localizing US English for UK Clients:  More Than Changing a Few Words
Learn how we assess and adapt for non-US English
Understanding the Impact of Culture and Language on Patient Education
Learn how awareness of the issues can improve outcomes for marketers
Current Advancements in Machine Translation
Learn about machine translation and how it can impact your projects
Translation Buyer's Guide

Useful recommendations and information for trying to understand quotes, costs and quality

Marketing Concept Translations

Ideas for marketing and advertising strategists

Cultural Competence

A closer look at cross-cultural competency

Culture Based Triggers 

The effects of culture on triggering human health behavior

Linguistic Validation

Our process for market research translations

When Yes Doesn't Mean Yes 

A guide for global market researchers

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