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aiaTranslations is the global leader in truly specialized life sciences translations.  It is what we do!  Our whitepapers are designed to share our expertise with our clients.  Please provide us your information in order to download any whitepaper from our library.

  • How to Make a Backtranslation Work for You

  • How to Fix a Polluted Translation Memory

  • Silo Mentality in Pharma Translations

  • Terminology Management

  • Localizing US English for the UK Market

  • Understanding the Impact of Language and
    Culture on Patient Education

  • Current Advancements in Machine Translation

  • Translation Buyer's Guide

  • Marketing Concept Translations

  • Cultural Competence

  • Culture Based Triggers (Market Research)

  • Linguistic Validation

  • When Yes Doesn't Mean Yes (Market Research)

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