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THERAPEUTIC AREAS:  Meaningful Expertise

Understanding the science behind the language of your documents is crucial to producing high-quality pharmaceutical translations.

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Our expertise in the pharma industry is unparalleled.  Because we are the leader in this industry, we are able to attract and retain the leading medical linguists.  Like you, we are organized in therapeutic specialties, meaning that your project will have a team of translators who know the science behind the language.  If you don't know how valuable this is, you haven't tried aiaTranslations.


  • Cardiology/Vascular Disease

  • Endocrinology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Hematology

  • Immunology/Infectious Diseases

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Nephrology

  • Obstetrics/Gynecology

  • Oncology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Otolaryngology

  • Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases

  • Psychiatry/Psychology

  • Rheumatology

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