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Why a flu shot can make your arm hurt – and how to stop it

It’s that time of year again…especially this year: flu shot time.

But while you can’t deny the importance of the vaccine, you may have some issues with how it makes your arm feel afterwards. Not everyone experiences this, but if you tend to feel sore after a flu shot (or any other shot, for that matter), the Lifehacker website recently featured an article with some tips to alleviate the pain.

Some are pretty much what you’d expect, but there is one tip you may not be aware of: It’s a good idea to move your arm immediately after getting a shot. This allows the liquid to move away from the injection site, which decreases the chance of noticeable inflammation in a single area.

Read on to learn more about why some people get sore arms after a shot, and how you can make getting a flu shot as comfortable an experience as possible.

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