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Heart health: Diet matters more than weight

Many people struggle with their weight, including an estimated 42% of Americans who are considered clinically obese. Part of the struggle of being overweight is psychological: dealing with fat-shaming and claims that an overweight person is carelessly putting their life at risk.

A new study, however, finds that while being overweight can be associated with health issues, diet is also very important. An overweight person who eats a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, may be at a lower risk for heart disease than a thin person who isn’t eating well.

This may or may not be surprising, depending on who you are. You may have friends who are – or you yourself may be – overweight but living a healthy lifestyle all the same, with regular exercise and good food choices. Sometimes weight can be a matter of genetics, medication, or other issues, not deliberately unhealthy or careless actions.

Read on to learn more about the impact of heart health – even for those who are overweight.

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