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Culture Corner: The fierce little island language making a comeback

Like a phoenix rising from a fire there is a little known language on a not-oft visited island in the Irish Sea which - by the way- is a British isle that is not in the UK. Confusing enough?

The Isle of Man, with all of its quirks, is a Crown dependency, but it really follows it's own rules and that includes it's resurrection of Manx Gaelic, the island’s historical language, which is thought to have been brought to the island around 5AD by the Celts. And the people pushing to revive the language they once thought was lost to the annals of time? The school children who know it well, of course. Read on for more interesting information about this special little island.

From (Photo Credit: Olivier Guiberteau)[BBC%20Features%20Newsletter]-2019October18-[Travel%7c+Button]

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