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A new library for censored articles has been built…in a virtual world

In a surprisingly savvy move to fight censorship, the organization Reporters Without Borders commissioned a group known as BlockWorks to create a magnificent library to hold censored articles from reporters around the world.

The imposing white building features an enormous dome that’s the second-largest in the world…or, it would be, if it were real.

The Uncensored Library does exist, in the popular online open-world game Minecraft.

Why choose a video game for such an important collection of data? Unlike real-life public libraries, the game isn’t controlled by local governments, who could easily demand that articles be removed or redacted. Instead, when a “book” is created in the game, it remains there permanently, unable to be changed by other users.

If you’re playing Minecraft, you’ll be able to stop by The Uncensored Library and read works by censored journalists from Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Vietnam .

Press-worthy as the gesture is, its practicality is undeniable. Hopefully, it will inspire other censored voices to find a similar refuge for their work.

Read on to learn more about The Uncensored Library.

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