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Our experience in global brand management delivers your solution.

International and global marketing communications teams know the need for highly skilled translation partners.  Working across cultures, languages, time zones is made easier when brand teams have a reliable and experienced language partner, like aiaTranslations.

Most of the leading healthcare communications agencies and advertising firms already rely on us to provide accurate, relevant, quick turn language support to their teams.  Using a special approach toward medical marketing, our linguist teams are specialized in ad copy translation and transcreation and we also add the following value:

  • AGILITY!  We are the right size for your projects to matter!

  • 24 hour support for branding teams

  • In-house multilingual studio to work in the design files to create foreign language collateral

  • Pre-launch support and input on tag line and headline development (preparation for translation with copywriters)

  • Foreign language studio for voiceovers in all languages and accents

  • Language tracking software to track client preferences in marketing language

Please contact us for references or for more information on how our teams are simply the best-in-class provider for global brand management.

All languages.  All dialects.  24 hours a day.  Medical expertise.


Click here to read our Global Marketing Capability Statement.

Want to understand the difference between translation and transcreation?  Read this article.

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