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ISO 17100:  Why It Matters

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ISO Certification is the seal of approval that an organisation complies with one of the internationally recognised standards.  These standards have been created by experts from all over the world and provide a set of guidelines that an organisation must adhere to.  What these guidelines are depends on the Management System being implemented.  For example, ISO 9001 focuses on customer service and ISO 27001 on security risks. 


To achieve Certification, aiaTranslations must undergo an external audit to confirm compliance which will be carried out by ourselves.  Going forward, we will then visit them twice a year, once at a support visit to ensure they’re still on-track and again at their annual re-certification audit. 


What Does this Mean for You?  


This is great news as ISO Certification provides stakeholders with lots of benefits too.  Ultimately, it provides you with the assurance that aiaTranslations follows guidelines and takes matters relating to customer service seriously.  Here are some of the benefits you might see:


ISO 17100 – Delivering a Quality Translation Service


  • Reassurance that you will receive a consistent and reliable service

  • Assurance that their people have the required competences and qualifications

  • Improved relationship due to the strong focus on the customer

Download our certificate.

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