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Our experience in hospital and healthcare settings delivers your solution.

Patient education and safety relies on quality translation and interpretation services.  And you need a provider who knows what to do, who to send and how to provide the support you and your patients need.

With almost 3 decades of experience in the field, we offer the largest, most experienced network of medical linguists in the United States.  We are also approved by the US government.

We also offer Phone (OPI) and Video (VRI) interpreting.  

aiaTranslations can work on a contract or freelance basis with your facility or staff.  Please contact us for more information or pricing.

All languages.  All dialects.  24 hours a day.  Medical expertise.

Hospital Corridor
Click here to read an NIH article on Quality of Hospital Language Services
Click here to read a position paper on why using family members as interpreters is not advisable.
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