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Our experience delivers your solution.

Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Not all translations are created equally for you.  You need translations that sound native in their target markets.  Our translation teams specialize in life sciences marketing, advertising and branding and work quickly to create foreign language versions of your patient information inserts, sales aids, branding and non-branded websites, physician education pieces, patient brochures, patient education programs, and instructional videos or apps.

Market Research and Global Insights

You rely on tight turnarounds and research instruments that can produce comparable outputs in different countries and in different languages.  Our teams understand your metrics and the goals of your research and can help produce foreign language versions of discussion guides, physician and patient interviews, web-based surveying, interview transcription, results presentations, concept and message testing, international positioning research, qualitative and quantitative analyses and scripts.

Regulatory Affairs

Accuracy and timeliness are key - and having translators that understand the science behind the submissions and the correspondence.  We provide experienced, certified translators for IND and NDA submissions, Investigation reports, analytical development reports, regulatory correspondence documents, and real time email and fax translations.  We also provide interpreters for important meetings.

Clinical Trial Sponsors and CROS

You need translators that understand the need for conformance and accuracy.  We provide qualified translators and employ the efficient use of translation memory to ensure quality and consistency.  We also understand the need for quick turnaround of documents like study protocols, informed consents, case report forms, adverse event reports and site education kits.

Patient Recruitment and Retention

Culturally-appropriate translations that support recruitment and do not delay projects are needed here.  Our global teams of translators who specialize in patient-directed translation work with local reviewers to ensure cultural and regulatory accuracy, producing things like patient newsletters, inclusion and exclusion criteria sheets, appointment and reminder cards, posters and advertisements, brochures, visit schedule guides, radio and television scripts, calendars, awards, certificates and letters.

Medical Device Manufacturers

This is precision work and you need translators that take the time to understand the functioning of the device and who also know how the device will be used in the target market.  We have teams that specialize in the unique field of medical devices who can accurately translate user guides, operation manuals, education tools and quality reports.

US Diversity Marketers

The US is a very diverse market and language is changed when it is used in the US and exposed to bilingual speakers.  We recognize the need for skilled translators who can create the type of language that is used by non-English speaking residents of the United States.  Our teams can provide translations for market research proects, medical education programs, marketing and advertising campaigns and US-based clinical trials.  We also provide script translation and studio recording in foreign languages.

Medical Education Providers

You need culturally-appropriate and linguistically accurate translations for outreach programs.  We have experience translating instructional videos and webcasts, conference interpreting, journal article translations and programs advertising and recruitment.

Human Resources Departments

With over two decades of experience in developing and delivering high quality language training to adults our customized approach has produced success stories for busy professionals around the world. As a global leader in the area of language and culture, we offer effective and affordable solutions with big company services at small company prices.

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