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Our experience in clinical trials delivers your solution.

aiaTranslations is a global leading provider of language translation services to CROs and study sponsors with almost 3 decades of experience.  Our multi-country and multi-lingual team of clinical and translation professionals know the importance of creating accurate but culturally appropriate translations for trial settings and trial documentation.  Using linguistic validation, strong project management and language preference tracking, we are able to provide best-in-class, agile and responsive full-service support in over 200 countries.

We also have teams that are dedicated to patient recruitment and retention, an important part of the success of any clinical trial.  Materials are translated and localized, in order to meet the specific cultural requirements of the patient population.  

The following are some examples of our experience:

  • QoL Scales

  • Study Protocols

  • Informed Consents (we even make video ICs for low literacy populations)

  • DSMB Communications

  • Patient Diaries

  • Patient Recruitment Documents

  • Patient Retention Documents (like websites, postcards, newsletters)

  • Patient Reported Outcomes

  • Regulatory Documents

  • Adverse Event Reporting

  • and more!

We are happy to provide references and more information on our expertise.  

Patient on Scale
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Click here download our capabilities statement for global clinical trials and patient recruitment

All languages.  Clinical and medical linguistic expertise.  Advanced understanding of the requirements of clinical research.

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